we do.

We combine advanced machine learning with formidable human talent to forge direct relationships between you and your customers. Deep, rewarding, and ongoing.


If you want to know a person, you walk a mile in their shoes – and the same is true for brands. Through rigorous in-person onboarding sessions, we’ll learn the ins and outs of your organisation – your objectives and growth areas, your triumphs and troubles, the things that keep you up at night. 

Then we’ll outline a comprehensive strategy for deploying the precise platforms, tactics and technologies that’ll have you hitting your targets and sleeping like a baby.

Digital Strategy

Content Marketing Strategy

Social Media Plan

Persona Development

Customer Journey Mapping

Channel Landscape

Competitive Analysis

Online Audits

Tone of Voice Identification



This is the fun bit. Whether it’s online copy, graphic assets, website design, or video content, TAG Direct is a fully-fledged content kitchen, cooking with only the newest, most innovative ingredients that’ll keep your customers coming back for more. 

We oversee and execute the entire production process from concept to completion, ensuring the highest level of quality and character consistent with your brand. Who’s hungry?

Social Media Content

Digital Advertising Assets

Website & Landing Pages


Graphic Design


Email & Newsletters


Video Production




A strategy is only as good as its distribution and execution. These days, it’s like mounting a military operation – demanding strength, unity, and speed. 

And that’s just what we offer: multi-pronged, multi-platform distribution methods, driven by real-time data and continuous optimisation that gets your message directly to the hard-won eyes, ears, and minds of millions.

Organic Social

Paid Social

Google Ads

Organic Search / SEO

Email Marketing

Facebook Messenger & Chatbots

Influencer and Affiliate Marketing

Community & Reputation Management



It’s about the journey, not the destination, right? And the journey is ongoing. We strive for agility, using the latest analytic tools to harvest direct, actionable insights. 

Then we take all this precious intel, modify our thinking, tweak our strategy, take a deep breath – and get ready for round two.

Website Audits

Google Analytics Tracking

Conversion Tracking

Data Visualisation & Dashboards

Analytics Benchmarking & Tracking

Campaign Analysis & Reporting

Cross Channel Tagging

Competitor Benchmarking


Neural Network

Sure, maybe one day robots will enslave the human race – but until then they can provide priceless insight into your brand’s performance and help us navigate a constantly-evolving marketplace.

At TAG we’ve created our own unique neural network. What’s a neural network? It’s an artificial intelligence algorithm that’s hungry for data – the more you feed it, the more it learns, the smarter and more accurate it gets. Our TAG neural network is getting smarter by the day, remotely monitoring and analysing millions of interactions between our brands and their customers, then telling us what we could be doing better.

All this data is there to be leveraged and learned from. We want to make the robots work for you (while we still can, anyway).


Human Network

Robots are cool, but as anyone who’s ever been bombarded by an overly-helpful chatbot can tell you, sometimes you just need a real human being. Luckily we’ve got a whole team of them, primed to take on all your brand interactions from micro to macro – this includes community and reputation management, influencer marketing, social listening, the whole bit.

And with the TAG Team growing at a global scale, soon we’ll be offering true follow-the-sun support solutions to all of our brand partners. Because it’s always go time somewhere.

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