2nd of July 2021

Are you sure your followers are seeing your content?

Have you ever taken a look at your social media Insights? Maybe you’ve trawled through the demographics of your following, checked how many new accounts followed you in the last week/month/year, or maybe you’ve taken a peek to see when your audience is online because you’re just a little #curious.

Often when we ask new clients whether they’ve checked their social media insights or peak posting times, they respond with one of two answers:

  1. Yes, they check their insights every now and then, but generally don’t take any action afterwards (ie. They check out their audience and following, say “oh cool” to themselves, and then they simply get on with their day). Or,
  2. No, they have never checked their insights and/or have never even thought about doing such a thing.

Whenever we hear one of the above responses, our tiny social media hearts break and we all take a big, deep collective breath. *insert sigh*.

You see, utilising your business’s social media insights and peak posting times can help you achieve your digital marketing objectives whilst allowing you to truly take advantage of each platform (and the best part? Analysing and utilising these insights are so much easier than you probably even realise).

So today we’re going to hone in on your audience’s ‘most active times’, otherwise known as your business’s ‘peak posting times’.

Here’s why this insight is so incredibly important:

You’ll know when a big chunk of your audience is online.

Thanks to regular algorithm changes on Instagram and Facebook, it’s becoming harder than ever to cut through the noise and ensure your content is seen by the people you most care about (ie. Your followers and customers).

By checking your audience’s peak social media times, you’ll be able to easily determine when a majority of your followers are online. Once you know when they’re online, you’ll be able to ensure that every post you share gets pushed to their feeds at a time you know they’ll see it (and this is especially important when promoting new products, making big announcements or simply just sharing something important).

Cool, huh? Thought so.

You’ll be able to create pointed content that’s relevant at specific times of the day, ensuring your audience will be more likely to interact.

Creating relevant content is super important when working on the organic side of things. It might sound obvious, but your audience is most likely to engage with content they deem relevant and relatable, rather than content that is irrelevant and unrelatable.

Knowing your peak posting times will help you create relevant content at specific times and on specific days. Eg. If your audience tends to be online at 5pm on a Friday, why not share a ‘TGIF’-inspired post, or ask your followers what their plans are this weekend now that another week of work is done?

Relevant, timely content = engaged followers. It’s quick maths.

Your audience insights will gradually become more and more relevant.

Think your insights aren’t detailed or beneficial at the moment? That’s okay. If you’ve never created content (or scheduled it) based on key takeaways from your social media insights, then chances are your audience insights aren’t as useful or detailed as they could be.

Once you start creating content and sharing it at times that are relevant to your audience (with content that’s appropriate for that time of day), you’ll find your audience will engage more with your content, providing the social media platform with more useful information about them for you to make use of.

So, it’s safe to say that if you’ve been ignoring your audience’s most active times, or you’ve been looking at those times but not making use of these incredibly useful insights, then you’re probably not making the best use of your chosen platform(s). #sorrynotsorry

The unfortunate truth is that the algorithm doesn’t work in our favour at the best of times, so it’s really up to us to make sure we utilise the features we do have control over and ensure something will be working in our favour.

And if you’re struggling to find your peak posting times or audience insights? Feel free to reach out. We’re always happy to help.

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